Free, easy to install and easy to use CCTV Cameras

    Here at Chris Lewis, we are looking to do our bit for the community during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which is why we have decided to initiate the campaign to give all Schools, Colleges, and Universities in Oxfordshire access to one of our Verkada demo cameras for free.

    These cameras are incredibly easy to set up and have 'plug and play' functionality, so they can immediately begin protecting your building whilst you are not around. You can keep the camera for up to 6 months and we will even pay shipping both ways! 

    Verkada setup time

    Submit the below form to get your free cloud-based CCTV camera

    View live footage from anywhere in the world on your internet-enabled devices

    Receive notifications when specific people, vehicles, or anything else of interest is on your site

    Keep an eye on your most important assets without physically being on the premises

    Use CCTV as a video tripwire to activate an alarm and notify authorities if motion is detected